Marcella Guarino


Following in-depth study of issues related to the design of intensive livestock farms (ventilation and air exchange systems, management of high-density herds, wastewater management and treatment) with the Working Group on Climatization of Animal Houses of the International Commission of Agricultural Engineering, Section II, in 2000 he participated in the establishment of theEuropean Committee on Precision Livestock Farming (PLF), of which he is now Chair, thus beginning to work on Precision Livestock Farming.

The central theme of research becomes that related to the development of automated systems that, through new sensors and biosensors, lead to greater integration between technology and farm management, production quality, processing and product traceability, between animal health status and disease diagnosis. In this area, she has been working on bioacoustics applied to animal production as a welfare monitoring tool. As an example, the interpretation of vocalizations and animal behaviors allows studying the correlation between these and animal welfare following the most common microclimatic and managerial stressors.

This line of research led to the establishment of a spin-off based in Belgium (SoundTalks, and the filing of three patent applications.

The professional profile is completed with innate communication and team management skills.

At BloomVet, in light of the skills and experience she has gained, Marcella Guarino will assume the role of president and will be primarily responsible for promoting the company to potential clients and in the networks to which she belongs.

Valentina Ferrante


associate professor of the Dept. of Environmental Science and Policy, graduate veterinarian of the European College Animal Welfare and Behavioural Medicine subspeciality Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law. For years he has been involved in improving livestock technology through the assessment of the welfare and responsiveness of animals raised in both intensive and organic farming. Through two major European projects, he has had the opportunity to come into contact with one of the largest Italian poultry groups with whom he has been able, over the years, to mature relationships of mutual collaboration. As chairman of the Working Group on Poultry Production and Welfare of the World Poultry Science Association, she can count on a European network of poultry experts who will be able to facilitate contact with producers.

In his work as president of the Italian Association of Organic and Biodynamic Animal Husbandry, he also has contact with the world of consumers who are increasingly interested in the transparency and wholesomeness of animal products.

Valentina Ferrante will assume the role of Research and Development Manager and deal with issues related to product installation in farm buildings.

Guido Grilli


associate professor of the Dept. of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences, former president of the Italian Society of Avian Pathology, national section of the World Veterinary Poultry Association.

In his dual role, he has developed numerous contacts with veterinarians in the poultry industry, both Italian and foreign, and plays a key role in the study of biosecurity systems that enable a drastic reduction in drug use in poultry farming.

He is a promoter and editor of the scientific part of the "National Plan for the Responsible Use of Veterinary Drugs and the Fight against Antibiotic Resistance in Poultry Farming," to which about 90 percent of meat poultry farmers and all the main national supply chains adhere. He is in charge of the diagnostic laboratory of avian-cunicola pathology at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Milan.

Guido Grilli will be in charge of evaluating the diagnostic results in herds using this system and putting it to use in animal husbandry and all aspects related to the use of drugs and alternative systems (probiotics, acidifiers, essential oils etc.) that EnterodetectAvi will enable.